Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cookies with Rolos in them?!

I love Rolos, always have.  It is by far my favorite candy ever.  My dad and I could go through a whole bag within a half hour - its kind of sick.  But you really don't notice how many of them you have eaten until you look down at the bag and then say to yourself "I better stop".  Its a nasty addiction to have, but I can't help it :) 

One day I was out with some friends for our annual "lunch date" and we were in a book store looking through the cookbook section.  I came across a cookbook all about chocolate (lets be honest - had to have it) and in it was a recipe for cookies with Rolos in them! I got all excited and was like "I must have this cookbook!"  I didn't buy it that day :(  But it stayed in my mind, haunting me, making me sad I never bought it.  My birthday rolled around and my amazing friend that was in the bookstore with me that day and her husband bought me that cookbook!  I couldn't of thanked Aud and Mike enough - it was one of the best presents ever.  And of course one of the first things I made was that recipe. 

I do follow a couple of baking feeds online and one of my favorites is My Baking Addiction (you should really check her out and follow her if you dont - great stuff on there).  One day she posted a recipe with cookies with Rolos in them.  I immediately printed it out and made the cookies the next day.  It quickly became my new favorite cookie - chocolate and a Rolo in the middle and then cover the tops of the cookies with caramel - yes please! 

So my sister, we will call her Heay on here, has a co-worker who also shares my love of Rolos.  I made him the first type of cookie and he wasn't really a fan of it.  So I said ok, we will make the other kind.  Because of my injury it takes me twice as long to make things, mainly because I do everything left handed and Im a righty (and of course its my right hand thats injured).  So when I bake I need to set aside a good part of the day to bake.  Something that used to take me an hour now takes me at least two.  Thankfully we have a stand mixer, that I LOVE, otherwise I couldn't bake at all. 

The worst thing about this recipe for me is that there is a lot of things to do with both hands.  Like you have to unwrap a whole bag of Rolos.

Yes - a whole bag fits nicely in a large bowl
And then you have to take a chunk of dough and place a Rolo in the middle

a nice comfy home of chocolate dough
And then you need to roll all that dough around the Rolo so it doesn't leak out while it bakes.   I have learned to roll this on a cutting board with my left hand and I've gotten really good at it.

Ok - so some of them aren't pretty looking but they
all bake and end up looking good
And then once they cool you get to drizzle caramel on top - heaven.  If you love chocolate and caramel, this is the cookie for you. 

Delicious!  Im sure that Heay's co-worker will like these.  And if he doesn't, then I give up. 


  1. Note: The cookbook I was talking about is called "The Golden Book of Chocolate". And it actually looks like a giant chocolate bar.

    The link for the cookies I made is this:

  2. now I am really wanting some of these cookies! I love rolos!

  3. How did I miss this one? These sound evil good!

  4. These are like crack - scary addicting! If I put these in your next care package, Baxter will have to do an excellent job of hiding them from you.