Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chocolate Cream Filled Doughnut Holes

I finally did it - I made filled doughnut holes.  And they are FANTASTIC!  After an amazing holiday weekend of mini golf, hanging out with friends and I completed it with doing something I've never done before (and might I add something I never thought I would do), I caught up on some much needed sleep since I was out until the early morning (let's just say I saw the sun come up when I went to bed - something I haven't done since my college days - i.e. a great St. Patrick's Day weekend in Southie) I decided to tackle the filled doughnuts. 

Playing off the recipe from my friend at Arubula's Kitchen, I changed up the recipe for the chocolate one a little (I made it more chocolaty) - I must of tasted the batter a ton of times before I thought it was just right. 

chocolate dough
Once all chilled and ready to go, I cut the dough into doughnut holes and back into the fridge they went to chill.  Then came time to fry them off.  Now with the normal doughnuts, you can tell when they are cooked because they turn a nice golden brown color.  This dough was dark - how could I tell if it was done or not?!  So I tossed some in and let them go - lets just say the first couple of batches are what I like to call "extra crispy".  Still very tasty though.  Once I got the hang of it I got into a groove and went to town.  And these are just as addicting as the normal ones I make. 

a bowl of doughnut holes
Once all cooled - time to make the filling.  I knew what I wanted to use for the filling - and it is the perfect filling for these bad boys.  I wasn't sure how much of it the holes would take so I made the normal amount the recipe called for - I only ended up using half.  The rest of it is in my freezer waiting to be used the next time I make these (of course there will be a next time).  And I got to finally use my new pastry gun - a gun instead of a bag - a lot easier for me to use with my injured hand - my sister was thinking when she bought it for me as a Christmas gift. :)

pastry gun ready to go
Now came the fun part....filling the doughnut holes.  There were a couple of times I put a little too much filling in and it came out the other side, but for the most part they all came out great.  And extremely tasty.  Even my "extra crispy" ones are fantastic. 

ooohhh yeah :) 
food porn shot

I have a feeling these wont last long.  :) Currently sitting in a bowl in my fridge (thanks to the gross heat and humidity) - they are hard not to snack on every time someone opens the fridge door. 


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