Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My first blog post

After a lot of consideration and a couple of my friends telling me I should start a blog about my baking, I have finally done it.  This will be all about my baking - something that I love to do.  I have more dessert cookbooks than food cookbooks.  They are currently stacked on the kitchen table because I use them so much, why put them away?  Although I don't think my sisters enjoy seeing them there, they don't complain about it because they get to eat everything I make, and occasionally I will make things for them to give to their co-workers. 

My cookbooks - just dessert ones
Don't get me wrong, we have a ton of food cookbooks too! Those are all neatly stacked away.  And I do love to cook - I truly enjoy being in the kitchen and making things.  
I've always loved to bake.  And when I moved out to Utah to go to school I lived on my own and I baked - a lot!  I always brought whatever I made into class the next day and I quickly began to have a following.  It got to the point where if people didn't know my name they called me Betty Crocker or Cookie Woman.  And when break time rolled around and people saw me with my tupperware, I would have grown men running down the hall to the break room to eat with us. 

Once I moved back home I kept the baking going and got into more than just cookies.  I started making cupcakes, cakes, and any type of cookie that sounded good.  I started investing in cookbooks - mainly Martha Stewart ones - HUGE fan.  My friends always joke that when its time to throw a bridal shower for me that the theme will be a Martha Stewart one and everyone will leave with baby whisks or cookie cutters.  It got to the point where I would get a new cookbook, go home and read every recipe, then go back and tag the pages of things I want to make first.  And I still do that to this day.  So I will make something once following the recipe exactly and then after that the next time I make it I will change it up a little seeing where I can improve it.  The only thing I don't do this on is family recipes.  Those I will never try to change for they are a part of my growing up and fond memories and will always have a place in my heart.  And one day I hope to pass them on to my kids (when I have them). 

So here's to the start of something fun.  And it will take me a little time to get this page where I want it to be, but please stick with me :)  And a huge thank you to Meredith and Kate!  I wouldn't of done this without you! And another huge thanks to Kate for the name of my blog (and in her eyes one day my bakery) -  you are always my cheerleader in this area more than anyone else and I love you for that! 

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