Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Home made version of Girl Scout Thin Mints

First off - a huge thanks to Casey for bringing this to my attention!
I love Thin Mints - its my absolute favorite Girl Scout cookie.  Growing up my parents would buy a lot (I swear a whole case of them but who least 6 boxes) and then stick them in the freezer....delicious.  When I saw this recipe...I thought, OK I will give it a shot.  And I have to say, after a couple of tweaks for the next time I make it, they are pretty damn close.  Here's the link for the recipe

The first thing I knew I would need was the right size cookie cutter.  I searched and searched and all I could find was all my festive holiday cookie cutters - you know ghosts, pumpkins, trees, sleighs, snowman.  I needed a small circle cookie cutter.  I emptied out all the drawers and my little cabinet where I keep most of my baking supplies...nothing.  Then it hit me....improvise and use one of my favorite things from college.

my favorite shot glass

 I know what you're thinking - really?! A shot glass - but let me tell you if you are looking to make a small cookie and you can't find the right size cookie cutter, this works perfectly! I make the dough and roll it on out on my kitchen counter and cut away.

Perfect size! :)

 So I baked them all off and let them cool.  This part doesn't take long.  The hardest part of all of this is making the dough for the cookies and the mint topping.  I highly suggest this easy recipe for anyone who loves Thin Mints.  Once cooled, I got to work on the mint topping.  And once again, I got to use my trusty shot glass :)

little mint discs on top of cookies :)
Then comes the fun part - putting a chocolate coating on top.  You can find chocolate coating anywhere - I got CANDIQUICK at the grocery store.  And the best part was it comes in its own melting tray - one less dish to wash.  I melted the chcolate and then covered them and let them set. 

I clearly need to work on my decorating skills

If you think that looks bad, you should see when I decorate a cake - its not pretty at all.  I once made a Penguin cake for my sisters birthday and it was so ugly. Thankfully I was the only one who took a picture of it with my phone before we ate it.  There was no need for that picture to be out there floating around.  Im lucky if I can draw in a straight line.  So needless to say you wont see anything that has amazing decorations on it made by me.   

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