Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rolo Brownies

I saw this on My Baking Addiction and HAD to make it - we all know of my love affair with Rolo's.  Off to the store I went to get some supplies and ended up getting more than I thought I would (usually happens that way doesn't it?)  But I did end up getting 2 bags of Rolo's since they were on sale, you know, just incase I wanted to make these again. :)  I came home and got to work.  This is the easiest recipe ever!  I'm actually going to make them again today because I want to test out some changes that I want to make.  But back to the task at hand.

Once the batter is ready, take half of it and put it in an 8" square dish and pat down.  Bake off.

Here's where things started to go wrong.  It says to let the brownies cool for about 10 minutes.  So I set a timer for 10 minutes.  When it went off, I got to putting the Rolo's on top of the brownies.  Now - it says that she used about 40 and ate the rest.  Luckily, I didn't eat any - because I ended up using a whole bag - except for 1 little lone Rolo.  So really you need a whole bag. 

Rolo's everywhere
Next you add Peanut Butter Chips for the spaces in between the Rolo's.  I went a different way and used Butterscotch chips.  I poured them over the Rolo's and got them in the spaces as best as I could.

before I spread
the chips out
This is what I suggest from this part out.  Start putting the Rolo's on at 5 minutes out of the oven.  It will help melt them quicker and help melt the chips as well.  And if they aren't melting I suggest putting them in the oven for a minute to help the process along before you put the top layer of brownie on.  I didn't do this and had put the top layer on.........

make sure to cover everything
.......and baked it away.  Turns out that the chips didn't melt :(  Which is fine - they still taste delicious.  But some parts of the brownies have melted chips and some don't. 

soooooo good!
I brought some to a taste tester last night - and he assured me that they were amazing.  That I shouldn't change anything to them.  I told him the changes I wanted to make and he said they were perfect the way they were - that they were the best brownie he's ever had.  So I guess you could go 2 ways with this - if you want the chips to be not melted - wait the 10 minutes and then add everything.  If you want the chips to be melted, do it at 5 minutes and stick it in the oven for a minute if needed.  So go and try this one!!

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