Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rolo Cupcakes

It was Rolo week on My Baking Addiction and when I saw this recipe for Rolo Cupcakes I knew I had to print it out and make them.  I had called my Dad earlier in the week and told him about them and he was very excited.  We had some more family coming down for the holiday weekend, so I knew at some point I would make them for everyone.  Friday came and company had arrived, but my mom had made a dessert so I said I would make the cupcakes for Sunday - my Dad was a little sad, said we could have both.  I told him Sunday would be the day for them.  Sunday came and I got to work.  This is similar to the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes where there is something in the middle and on top.  I knew they would be a hit. 

Once everything was ready for the cupcakes, I scoop them out and put a frozen Rolo in the middle of each one. 

chocolate in chocolate :)
Then you cover them up with the remaining batter and bake away.  Once cooled, time for the caramel frosting.  Easy to make and very tasty.  I suggest making the chocolate ganache before you start with the frosting - it needs time to set up and thicken.  So make the ganache first and then make the frosting and ice the cupcakes - perfect timing. 

frosted and ready for ganache
Once frosted, drizzle the ganache over the tops.

looks good
Then you get to put a Rolo on top
oh yeah
I brought some out to my family once they were ready.  Huge hit.  Everyone loved them.  My Mom is a huge fan of the frosting - says that these cupcakes are her favorite.  My cousin's husband said that it was "the best thing to ever go into his mouth".  He had a few more that day before they left (he's a treat lover - more care packages will be sent their way).   

I love Rolo's so I will be making these again.  And my parents said I should make them again when AD and UD come down soon - and I totally will since UD has a love of Rolos like I do.  I mean look at this.......

........wouldn't you want to have one of these bad boys?! 

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