Monday, December 16, 2013

BP's Birthday Weekend

The love of my life is now another year older. And since his birthday fell on Monday, we celebrated it all weekend long. I mean really, who wouldn't want that? 

Friday night we finally celebrated our anniversary. It was a couple weeks late, but we went and had an amazing dinner out. Saturday was the main day of celebration for BP. Dinner with friends was the plan, but first I had to make him his birthday cake. His request was for a white cake with white frosting, and as sugar free as I could make it (BP is diabetic). Now this wasn't an issue for me, I swap out real sugar all the time for Splenda and haven't had an issue.....until this cake. There is truth to the rumor that there is a certain threshold of how much fake sugar you can use before it ruins whatever it is your making. 

Well - looks was the only thing this cake had going for it. It was extremely dense and tasted cakey - in a bad way. BP and I had a couple bites of our pieces and threw them away it was that bad. Our mouths had been assaulted. We warned BP's dad about how awful it was and he sweetly told me it looked great. When I replied its in the top 10 worst things I've ever made, BP and his dad sweetly agreed that once we left for dinner that BP's dad would throw out the cake and clean the plate it was on.  I mean really - worlds thinnest 3 layer cake. 

Sunday night was capped off with a dinner celebration for my office and it was a great time. Great food and great conversation. A perfect way to end the weekend. Lesson learned about the fake sugar threshold - and this weekend I will make another cake for BP to make up for the awful one I made. 

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