Sunday, September 13, 2015

Bacon and Cheddar Stuffed Tater Tots

The first NFL Sunday is like a holiday in our house. It's a serious deal and we have a huge guy only get together here that lasts all day. So what do I do when our basement is full of men watching football? I'm making all the food for the day - and trying to watch football myself. 

BP had been having this party for years, long before I ever came into the picture. So I've always been here to support him by making sure it still happens and that the food comes out in waves. It's a long day for me but it's totally worth it.

A few weeks ago I did a dry run of these tater tots. To say they are delicious is an understatement. They are also extremely filling. The three of us didn't eat more than 4 tots a piece. 

We start planning the menu for the all day shindig and these are thrown out. Not a problem. A little time consuming, but I can prep them ahead of time and fry them up when we are ready for them. My plan was working perfectly, and then it totally blew up in my face. Every single tot fell apart while frying. Every. Single. One. They just started to float apart or when I flipped them they broke in half and tore shredded apart. 

What's that you ask? That is a heap of half fried tots that have fallen apart. The first time I made these I used thick shredded hash browns (Simply Potato is what I used). This time around I used your generic store brand shredded hash browns that were thinner. So note to self - buy the thick ones next time. 

Even though today's run was a huge flop, I will make these again. They do make a great football snack.

Cheesy Bacon Stuffed Tater Tots

2 lb bag frozen shredded hash browns
3 eggs
2 tbsp flour
1 1/2 tbsp Salt 
1 tbsp pepper
Cheddar Cheese cut into 1" squares
Cooked Bacon cut into 1" squares

In a large bowl mix together shredded hash browns, eggs, flour, salt and pepper. Mix until combined. 

Preheat a large skillet with vegetable oil 1/4 full.

Take a small handful of mixture and place a chunk of cheese and bacon in the middle. Wrap mixture around bacon and cheese completely and form into a tater tot shape. Repeat until all ingredients have been used. 

Place each tot into oil, frying until golden brown. Flip onto other side to cook evenly. Take out when completely golden brown and place on paper towel lined plate.  Repeat until all tots are cooked.

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