Monday, January 31, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

Let me just start this post off by saying that I LOVE cookie dough.  Its my favorite ice cream, I always get it.  If I don't, I'm always disappointed in my choice and wishing that I got cookie dough.  I make a mean cookie dough truffle as well that are truly addicting so I try not to make them that often (but I will have to make them to show all of you them - the things I have to do for the blog ;) lol).  When I saw the post on My Baking Addiction about Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes  I printed that recipe right out and got all giddy and was like "Must make these!" And let me tell you - AMAZING! 

Even better was that the recipe is so easy! I thought it was going to be a labor intensive cupcake - so far from it.  It is now one of my favorites and it will be making many appearances of things I make.  I was at my parents house making dinner, and this was the dessert.  And I got to use their oven - which I love...its got a convection oven option in it....totall beats my plain old oven.


And even better about this get to use premade cookie dough - one less thing I have to make, and maybe a little something to snack on while I make the cookies.  (I ended up using half of the tub - the rest is in my freezer waiting for the next time I make these). 

hello friend :)

So I make the dough and scoop them into the cupcake tins and then comes the fun part, putting balls of cookie dough in the middle of each cupcake. 

it looks like a lot of cookie dough, but its
only a tsp of dough

Then you cover up the cookie dough with the cupcake dough so nothing is showing, and then bake away.  While that is happening, I got to make mini cookies that go ontop of the cupcakes. Mini cookies all done and letting the cupcakes cool.  And after everything is all cooled and ready to go I make the frosting (its so good).  Now comes the fun part.  I left my pastry bag at home, so I just used a good old plastic ziplock bag as my pastry bag....I think they came out pretty good.

seriously, how cute?!
And very dad is really picky about chocolate cake - it must be moist and have a good white frosting. I've tried countless chocolate cake recipes and have finally found a few that he loves.  He hasn't stopped talking about these all weekend.  I'm glad to add these to his favorite list.

cookie dough in the middle :)


  1. Caleb just asked for these for his "Mario" birthday

  2. I do love your kid :)
    Tell him I agree that you should make them for his birthday :)

  3. I seen this recipe and couldn't resist ... I am not sure when you typed "cookie dough in the middle :)heaven" I honestly imagine the word "heaven" being said in this loud almost singing like voice... because that is what I just said in thinking about how they would taste. Ok I'm supper odd! but ... HOLY MACARONI THESE LOOK AWESOME!

  4. I highly suggest you make these! Sooo good. My dad keeps asking when I will make them again. And yes, when I ate one for the first time I did say heaven outload - that good!

  5. I want these, I want these, I want these, I want these, I want these. I such ass as a baker, but I would take the recipe for these, because they are EVIL GENIUS!!! And...cookie dough truffles?????? You need to open a shop. In Denver. :-D <------winning smile

  6. (make that, I SUCK ass as a baker...)

  7. Dont worry - Im making the cookie dough truffles soon! :)