Monday, September 23, 2013

The Baking Gods Strike Again

Ah the weekend.  Time to relax, have some fun, and of course football.  BP and I had a stellar weekend lined up for us.  Saturday was a day of fun with friends going to National Harbor to see the Red Bull Flugtag event.  This was tons of fun, even if the weather wasn't so good and rainy. After getting back home, soggy and wet, it was time to relax. 

Sunday rolls around - and this means one thing - football.  Now BP and I will never have a problem team wise unless our teams wind up in the Super Bowl against each other.  And on a side note, our teams have similar colors so the fact that his basement is a Cowboys shrine doesn't bother me at all.  I do love blue and silver - and of course go Patriots! :) 

It was just going to be us Sunday, no one was coming over.  I was still going to bake.  Up on the menu was some Oatmeal Raisin Cookies and some Spinach and Artichoke Dip. 

We went to the store to pick up the necessary items for the cookies and then the baking began.  Cookies first.  Now, cookies, I know what you're thinking.  How can these get messed up?  Let me tell you I have no clue what happened here.  I followed the directions, and this is what happened.......

womp womp womp to be fair the directions did say that the dough could be refrigerated.  It wasn't necessary but suggested.  Ok, I could skip it.  Out came these bad boys - flat, spread out like discs, but tasty.  Really tasty.  And to make matters even worse, they fell apart when you picked them up to move them or eat them.  Needless to say the dough went into the fridge to firm up. 

On to the dip! This turned out fantastic - no mess ups here. 

nom nom nom
Yep - this was a winner.  Which made me feel a little better since cookie failure was taking place upstairs, waiting for round 2. 

Cookies 1 CB 0.  I let the dough chill for over 2 hours - back to the oven they went.  The Baking God struck again.  Flat disc cookies that were still really tasty but not what they should look like.  BP and his dad lovingly at some, kind of heaped them all together into a "cookie" and ate them.  I have to admit so did I.  Yes, tasty, but ugly as sin.  BP suggested to just mush them all together and make them into cookie balls.  Excellent idea - best boyfriend ever.  Definitely a keeper :)  But for the most part, we just ate them as a giant clump/cookie type thing. 

Still not really sure what happened, the recipe was followed exactly, ingredients were mostly all new.  I still can't figure out where it went wrong.  But I will conquer this recipe.  Oh yes - we will meet again cookies.  And this time I will prevail.  Needless to say, no recipe will be posted until I have it right! :)

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