Thursday, June 2, 2011

Variety Pack

While I was at my cousins wedding, I was talking with some of my other cousins about my baking and the blog.  I got issued a challenge to fix a recipe (which I'm still working on and will try out today) and to send them a variety pack of my goodies.  After we narrowed it all down, I settled on making 3 items for them.  A must was the Mint-Filled Brownie Cupcakes. 

a peppermint patty
in the middle of a brownie
Not really sure why I don't have a cross section picture of those, but oh well.  I also made some Almond Sweets since they were a huge hit with everyone.  And I decided to make them a little festive this time and added some candy sprinkles on top of the icing.

yum yum yum
Lastly, I put in the Chocolate Cream Filled Doughnut Holes.  I hope that they have made it OK in the mail - this one is my biggest worry.  The heat and humidity around here lately has been awful.

I packed up each goodie in its own bag and then inside the box (which I totally stuffed with tons of plastic bags to cushion the treats on their journey - please don't be alarmed when you open your box). 

1 to Florida and 2 to Virginia
Once I left the Post Office, I happily posted on Facebook that the "Variety Packs" were out.  I soon got a lot of responses from my friends that they hoped they were the recipients of one of them.  Sadly, most of them were not.  But the conversation that formed was highly entertaining - mainly due to one of the lucky recipients' teasing that my treats are "yummy in her tummy" and she "can't talk to you because her mouth is full of CB's treats".  Apparently I need to start up a mailing list of people who would like to be getting variety packs from me.  I didn't think my baking was in such high demand.  And to my favorite birthday boy Nick - yes - I owe you a package....didn't mean to make you sad on your birthday because you were not one of the lucky ones getting a variety pack.

So you lucky 3 will be getting your packages today - and I hope you enjoy them!  Feedback is always appreciated!  You could send me some pics to go up on here if you want them to! (Cookies in the Mail is a post that is viewed a lot).  I hope everything made it in one piece too.

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