Monday, June 27, 2011

Cupcakes for Dad

Since I was away for Fathers Day, I had made my dad his favorite cupcakes earlier in that week so he could have them.  I only made one batch (his favorite ones only make 18) and I thought I would be safe with that.  I ended up leaving him and my mom 12 of them and taking home 6 since my mom is always saying that they don't need treats and to take some home.  I got a call later that night from my dad telling me that they were delicious and where were the rest of the cupcakes.  I told him I took 6 of them and he asked for them back.   He wasn't kidding - he really wanted them back.  But since my sisters and I had eaten some of them, he agreed to me making him some more.  Which is what I did yesterday. 

ED was down as well, and it was great to have some time with my cousin before he moves across the country.  We were talking about dinner and what to get from the grocery store and Ween started talking about dessert.  I said I would make something and my mom thought that was a great idea.  Instantly I knew I would make my dad the rest of his cupcakes.  And he was so excited for it when I told him what was going on.  Except this time I was smart and doubled the recipe like I always do to make sure we had enough. 

Once my mom and Ween got back from the grocery store with some supplies, I went into baking mode.  I love making these cupcakes - they smell so good when they are baking in the oven. (I've posted about them before).  Once cooled, time for the frosting.  I finally found a frosting that I love - I'm not a fan of frostings that leave a butter aftertaste.  Now that they were all frosted, time to bring them out to everyone to eat. 

I bring out a plate and my dad gets all excited.  Before he starts eating them, he kept asking me how many I made.  I told him there were 36 of them - plenty to go around.  He smiled and said "just enough".  He could eat these things all day long and not have a problem - that's how much he loves them.  And I didn't take any home with me this time - left them all there.  He wouldn't let us take any - he plans on eating them all. 

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