Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cookies, cookies, cookies

It's no secret that I was no longer enjoying my job at the bakery.  Long hours, a schedule that changed every week, not having a social life, working extremely hard and getting paid very little for it, and in my little free time I was seriously job hunting since I need money to pay my bills. I am happy to say that I now have a new job - one that I'm very excited for and has a huge potential for me career wise.  And best thing of all - I work Monday through Friday, have weekends off and will be home every night.  This also means that I get to bake more!! Things have been so crazy here, I'm lucky if I knew what day it was and I wasn't baking at all. 

I hate not baking - it's been weeks since my last effort and not updating the blog and using Big Red really takes a toll on me.  I've been longing for Treat Tuesdays and Thursdays again lately. Last week was a rough one - tight on money, working all the time, feeling warn down and emotionally drained.  Then good news - I would start my training for my new job on Monday.  I was so excited.  I gave my notice at the bakery the next day and finished out my 3 remaining shifts.  I was on a such a high Friday I made some cookie dough.  Saturday rolled around and I started feeling sick (I had caught the plague that was going around) and then got yelled at by 5 customers who were unhappy with their orders.  I came home and passed out on my couch, woke up hours later and then went to bed.  Sunday was my official last day at work and it went smoothly.  Plus I got to work with a co-worker that liked working with so it was a good last shift. 

Monday was a long day of training, it's a lot of info to learn and absorb all at once, but I know at the end of the week I will be ready to do my job to the best of my ability.  By the time I got home last night I was ready to bake some cookies.  But that actually happened today.  I made some of my favorite Raisin Cookies for class tomorrow - and some Chocolate Chip Caramel Toffee Bit Cookies (that I ate a good amount of dough of) for myself.  Well, not just myself, I do have friends coming this weekend for a visit and there will hopefully be some cookies for them by the time they get here. 

All in all, I'm happy to be starting a great job, to actually be able bake more and be on here more often - I have truly missed it. 

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