Friday, July 1, 2011

Rolo Brownies - new and improved version

I made the Rolo Brownies - in fact I made them the first day and then made them again the next day with some changes.  It still wasn't right.  It was bugging me all weekend.  I talked about changes to make to it with people that had eaten some and knew that I wasn't alone in feeling that these weren't up to par - well certainly not up to my standards.  (I have a perfectionist issue when it comes to my baking - totally comes from my Mom's side of the family).  I went to New Hampshire to spend a couple days with one of my best friends and to be "Auntie CB" with their kids - I love my time up there.  I always have fun and something entertaining always happens.  On my way home yesterday I planned out what I was going to do today - and tackling the brownies was on top of my list.  Too bad that only a couple hours after I got home last night I got into the kitchen and made them - I couldn't wait.  When Heay's got home she said "you've only been home for a couple hours and you've already baked something?"  I think I've got a problem - any one know of a support group for people like me? :) 

I made one slight change to the milk issue in the recipe - I didn't use evaporated milk this time and opted for milk in my fridge.  And I changed the amount of milk - 2/3 cup.  If you want to use evaporated milk its a whole 5 oz can.  The other change I made was after the first bake off I put the Rolo's on it immediately once it came out of the oven.  Then I filled in the holes with mini chocolate chips

chocolate everywhere!
I let that sit for 10 minutes and did all the dishes that had accumulated in my sink and once that was done I put the brownies into the oven for a minute - just until the tops of the Rolo's got smooshy (such a technical term I know, I guess you could say soft or starting to melt too).  Once that happens, take them out and put the top layer of brownie on top and bake off again. 

I had a taste tester happily say he wanted some of the new and improved version (he got some of the first batch) so i packed some up, even though they were still a little warm and falling apart in the plastic bag I had put them in, off I went to meet up with him.  He ate them - all of them - and then said amazing - this one's a winner. And I trust him because he gives me his honest opinion on things I give him - and he went to culinary school so we have technical talks sometimes about food and baking.  I had one this morning (yes - after I ate my breakfast) and I have to say this time they came out perfect!! Winner all around.  I mean look at this.........

.........who wouldn't want it?  Fudgy and carmel in the middle.  Heaven. 

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