Monday, April 29, 2013

Homemade Pizza and Carrot Cake

This week was a doozy.  Emotionally draining and it took it's toll on myself and BP.  So what did we have in store for the weekend - nothing.  And it was perfect.  We slept in and just went with the flow of things.  Saturday turned out to be my baking day - we had decided that we would have homemade pizza for dinner Saturday night and BP asked for some Carrot Cake - and I had the best recipe from my aunt. I couldn't wait to get baking. 

Big Red got taken out and away I got on making the cake and pizza dough.  Soon the smell of carrot cake baking away filled the house, and it smelled fantastic - even if I'm not a fan of Carrot Cake.  I love to bake, especially for BP, and even if it's something that I don't like it wont stop me from making it.  This wasn't the first time I made something for BP that I don't like, so when this happens I make sure to get something for myself treat wise.  There's a 7 Eleven right next to BP's house, so we went to get me some ice cream.  They had a bin in the middle of the store full of ice cream bars and cones.  I open the side and reach my hand in, and the whole cart starts wheeling across the floor - with my arm still in it.  Needless to say, BP and I were laughing so hard.....and I wont be going into that 7 Eleven any time soon. 

Now that I had myself a treat for later, back to making dinner and cake.  Cake was cooled and now time to frost it. 

3 layers of deliciousness
Then time to make our pizzas.  I say this every time I post about pizza - if you haven't made your own dough you are missing out.  It's so easy and delicious.  You just need a little time, but if you plan ahead you can actually make the dough and freeze it so you have some ready and waiting for when you want some.

nom nom nom
Pizza was delicious.  Excellent dinner.  Then after a little break, time for dessert.  I had my ice cream cone waiting for me and BP had cake that was calling his name. 

Cake was a hit - and sorry, this recipe wont be posted on here.  But if seeing it puts you in the mood for Carrot Cake then bake away my friends! 

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