Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Treat for BP

Easter was here over the weekend, and I can't have Easter without making a Coffee Ring.  Now, BP has never had it before, and my trying to explain it to him (or anyone for that matter) never does this any justice.  It's something that not a lot of people have had before so people usually picture something completely different when I mention it.  I've posted about this many times in the past, but I keep posting about it because it's one of the things I truly love to make the most.  Family recipes are the best things for me to make - so much love and history behind them. 

Friday rolled around, and after a long day of cleaning BP's house and multiple loads of laundry, I wanted to get my bake on.  BP had some guys over for poker and it was the perfect chance for me to get my bake on.  Big Red now has a new home at BP's house, and he got some good use making the dough.  By the time it was ready to roll out and form the ring, the guys were deep into playing.  Once I started baking away, the smell of the ring made their way downstairs.....and the guys kept telling BP how good it smelled.  I had no idea I was torturing them upstairs until one of them came up to get some coffee and made a comment.  Well at that point the second ring was in the oven and the first one was cooling....little did the guys know that I would offer them some when they were both ready to be frosted.  Finally it was time to frost them - and when they were done (complete with fun sprinkles) I texted BP the following picture......

......quickly I heard all the guys make comments about how good it looked.  I went downstairs and asked if they wanted some - I mean there was no way BP and I would eat 2 rings by ourselves.  They all quickly said yes so I went to cut it up and heat up the slices for the guys.  Before I knew it they were all upstairs ready to eat - and everyone loved it. 

Easter Sunday we had lunch with BP's dad - and of course he had to get some as well.  BP was in love with the coffee ring, and when he tried to explain it to his dad at lunch he had a hard time too. Bottom line, his dad was excited to try it out.  After some great laughs and an amazing lunch, we handed off the coffee ring to BP's dad and off we went.  Later we got a text saying how good it was official - BP and BP's dad approved (along with the guys from poker night).  Needless to say I look forward to making this when the holidays roll around, but now that BP and his dad have experienced it I'm really looking forward to making it again. 

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