Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls......again

I was on baking mode over the weekend, maybe a little too much.  I made Cinnamon Struesel Coffeecake, Chocolate Cake, and then on top of that threw in some Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls because I was dying to make them for BP.  I had to work Saturday morning, but had the rest of the afternoon to myself while BP was out on a guys day.  Perfect time for me to bake away, especially since the rolls take a couple hours from start to finish.  These are definitely a labor of love, but the wait and all the effort is totally worth it, especially if you love pumpkin. 

all frosted and waiting to be eaten
Once baked and cooled, time to ice them and let it set.  I went to bed and BP came back shortly after - and loved what was waiting for him in his kitchen.  He was so excited to try one.  Sunday rolled around and we finally each had one.  I knew BP's love for anything pumpkin was going to make this a good choice on my part, and I was right. 

Since I had baked like a mad woman, we were left with too many sweets.  BP brought a plate of the cinnamon rolls into work with him Monday morning.  Halfway through the day I get an email from BP, the cinnamon rolls were a hit with his coworkers.  They told him if I love to bake they will happily take some off his hands.  Music to my ears :) 

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