Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Coffee Ring

Since it's Easter weekend - that means it's time to make Coffee Ring.  We only make it on holidays, and this is the last time I will make it for a while.  I know what you're thinking - halfway through there's going to be a picture of a giant drink because there was another're going to be disappointed if you are looking for that.  This time I had no incidents with the yeast.  Mainly because I have the best yeast ever!

my jar of yeast
and its scoop
 Because I now have this super duper yeast, there was no question or doubt that I would have any issues getting the yeast to activate.  And did it activate :)  For all of you out there who make breads and doughs that require yeast, don't keep getting those packets of yeast from the grocery store.  Invest in the good yeast that I got from King Arthur Flour.  It will be the best money you ever spent!  My mom still has a packet that we got at the grocery store left in her fridge, and I'm tempted to just throw it out on her. 

I'm not one for changing family recipes, they hold a piece of history and meaning.  But I did change up one thing in it this time.  And the change was an excellent one.  It made the dough so fluffy and it rose so nicely over the top of the large bowl we use.  I was impressed.

dough....pre-rising and
two punch downs
 I spread the making of this over 2 days because it was the way I was taught how to do it, and because over the years we have found out through trial and error and the dough is better with 2 punch downs instead of 1.  So day 1 is always making the dough and letting it rise; day 2 is rolling out the dough, filling it and baking it.  I'm still working on how to get the rings not to have one giant end and one small end of a circle, but my dad says it takes a long time of practice.

I love filling the dough - its fun and challenging when it comes to rolling it up and transferring the dough to to the pan for it to bake on.

filled, rolled, cut
and rising

Once on the tray it bakes on, I make some slits in the dough and spread it out to make room for the dough to rise once more before baking.  Once it's risen, time to put it into the oven until golden brown.

clearly I need to work on
making the rings even so this
doesn't happen again
 Once golden brown, you let it cool....and then frost it.  I like to be festive and put coordinating colors to the holiday on top each time I make it.  So since it's Easter, I went with pink and blue sugar sprinkles....mainly because as hard as we looked, we couldn't find spring colored sprinkles anywhere.

frosted and sprinkled
 There has been a big debate over the years about the amount of frosting that gets put on the coffee rings.  My mom likes not a lot of it, my dad likes more of it.  I think it's safe to say that my sisters and I like more frosting on it as well, and since now that I'm making it, I always double the frosting.  My dad is happy, and I'm not sure if my mom has noticed....she never says anything about it.  Although now that it's on here, I'm sure she will say something about it.  Yes mom - I have doubled the frosting since I made it at Thanksgiving.  :) 


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