Monday, April 18, 2011

Peanut Butter Thumbprints

Randomly this week I had an idea - why not take the Chocolate Thumprint cookies that I love and make them peanut butter thumbrints?!  Genius!!  I went into the kitchen, hoping that my idea would work out well, and that I wouldn't have to report back to you that the experiment was an epic fail.   I just winged it - I had no real recipe and used the Chocolate Thumbprint recipe as a base recipe and added/subtracted some things. 

I was happy when the dough came together nicely.  It was super tasty, but a little too soft.  I'm not sure if it was the peanut butter that made it softer or if I need to add more flour to it next time.  I was worried that when I took them out of the oven they wouldn't be little round domes that they need to be.  But when it was time to take them out and make the imprints in the cookies, I was so happy to see that I did not mess up!

happy little cookies
I let them cool and got going on the ganache.  I didn't mess with this part, why bother?!  Once thickened, I poured away.  And I have to say, I miss my green bowl - that thing was the perfect size and the blue one I'm using in its place is too big.  I am on the hunt for the green bowl, hoping that its sold by itself and not just in the set of 3 that it comes with. 

chocolate and peanut butter - does
it get any better?!
I let the ganache set up and check on it a couple hours later.  The ganache stayed soft.  :(  FAIL!  I think its because of the peanut butter in the cookies that kept it from setting up right.  The recipe needs some major tweaking, but the cookies are delicious - soft ganache and all.  I sent Heays off to work armed with some to give to my taste testers there.  Both of my sisters are fans of these, even with my boo boos, so why wouldn't the boys be?

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