Monday, May 2, 2011

Pillow Cookies

My friend Amy had texted me one day, asking if I had ever made Pillow Cookies.  I told her I had no clue what she was talking about.  A cookie that looks like a pillow?  Maybe one that's light and fluffy like a pillow?  Then she tells me its a chocolate chip cookie with a brownie in the middle of it.  Right on!  Needless to say I hit the internet to find this recipe so I could make it.  I come to find out that there are different types of Pillow Cookies - but I went with the one she was telling me about and found a recipe from Mrs. Fields Secrets.  I looked over the recipe and was happy that there really wasn't much to it.  I put it aside until a slow day to make them....yesterday was that day.

I made the brownies first, since they need to be baked and cooled.  All you need is a box mix of your favorite brownies and prepare them the way the box calls for.  Then I read the "Tips" part at the bottom of the recipe:  slightly under cook your brownies; they will continue baking inside the cookies.  OK - not a big deal...but how much time do I cut off to under cook them?  I've never undercooked anything on purpose before.  I went with 5 minutes and they actually turned out great. 

undercooked brownies
Once they were all cooled, time to make the cookie dough.  This part was simple.  Once it was made, away it goes into the fridge to chill for an hour.

i <3 cookie dough
Time to make the cookies!!  YAY!!  I reread the recipe like 5 times - it said to scoop out 1/2 cup for each cookie!!  That's a ginormous cookie!  And it wouldn't make a lot.....not happy.  So I decide to make smaller cookies and just scoop 1 tbsp out, but a brownie piece in the middle.......

brownie in a cookie
.......and then cover with another tbsp of dough.

yes, they are rather big
I baked them off for 11-10 minutes.  My first batch didn't turn out so pretty - apparently I missed covering all of the brownie on some cookies

But the second batch turned out great

surprise! there's a brownie
in there!
Once cooled, my family was excited to try these. 

i like putting up food
porn shots :)
If you like brownies and chocolate chip cookies, then these are for you!! My dad didn't see the cookies when he entered the kitchen, just the pan of the undercooked brownies - which he happily ate.  When I said there are cookies as well, he turned around and got one.  He is a huge fan of these and so is Ween.  They couldn't stop eating them.   

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