Friday, January 6, 2012

Homemade Ice Cream

I had been dying to use my ice cream machine that I got for Christmas.  I had named it and everything.  (I tend to name things that I love and use a lot.  I had decided that his name is Izzy).  I got all the ingredients I needed and got going on the recipe from the booklet that came with my machine.  I wasn't expecting things to go smoothly, I kept reading and re-reading the instructions over and over while I was making it.  I didn't want to mess this up.  I got going on the custard base and things were going smoothly.  I was really excited.  Once the custard was all made, into the fridge it went to fully chill.  It was then that I got a text from my friend with an amazing tip.  One I wish I got before I started making ice cream.  She said that I have to go and get a book.  But not just any book, a book that will forever change how I make ice cream.  It's called 'The Perfect Scoop' by David Lebovitz.  It's full of recipes and tips and short cuts.  I am definitely getting this book over the weekend. 

Once my custard is all chilled, I finally get to use Izzy.  I'm so excited at this point.  I get the bowl out of the freezer, put the mixer in, add the custard, put the top on and turn it on.  Izzy was a lot louder than I thought he would be, but it was a wonderful sound nonetheless.  I called my parents to tell them I was making ice cream and that beautiful sound they were hearing was Izzy at work.  They laughed at me like they do when I get overly excited about things like this.  I had to report back when it was finished.  20 minutes later, I had ice cream.  I was pumped.  I put it into 2 Tupperware containers and scooped the rest out for me to eat.  It was soft, but thick and creamy. 

delicious goodness straight from the machine
The taste was amazing - double chocolate and was it ever.  But I wasn't happy with the texture.  It seemed a little dry or crumbly.  Something is missing from this recipe.  I gave some away to a taste tester and he agreed that the taste was amazing, but the texture was off a little.  So now I really can't wait to get that book and try out tons of recipes.  If you have your own ice cream machine at home I highly suggest you get the book as well!!

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