Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cake Batter Cookie Dough Chunk Ice Cream

When I first got Izzy, one of my first thoughts was I can finally make the flavor of ice cream I've always wanted and no one is making yet.  Every time I go to my favorite local ice cream place and get a milkshake, its always Cake Batter with Cookie Dough ice creams (yes, they let you customize your shakes by taking any flavor they offer and putting one or more into a shake - it's awesome).  I knew it would be tasty, I just needed to work on my ice cream making skills.  Happy to say I have finally mastered making a custard base for ice cream, I happily went searching for a Cake Batter Ice Cream recipe.  The results weren't that great.  I was surprised at how many people chose to do a Philadelphia style with it, which was not what I wanted.  I kept looking and finally found one I knew I could tinker around with.  And let me tell you - amazing.  I had visions of making this for weeks, and am so happy it turned out better than I could of imagined! So get out your ice cream machines!  This one is easy and oh so tasty. 

I'm not sure if it's sad that I made this yesterday
and the ice cream is already over half gone...I might need help
Cake Batter Cookie Dough Chunk Ice Cream
makes about 1 quart

Ice Cream:
1 cup whole milk
1/2 cup sugar
2 egg yolks, beaten
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 cups heavy cream
3/4 cup - 1 cup yellow cake mix, sifted (depending on how strong of the cake flavor you want)

Whisk together milk, sugar, egg yolks, vanilla, cream and cake mix in a medium saucepan until well blended.  Cook over medium-high heat until mixture reaches 160 degrees, stirring frequently.  Remove from heat and transfer to a heat-safe bowl set over a bowl of ice.  Stir until cooled and cover with plastic wrap, leaving one edge uncovered for custard to breathe.  Let chill for at least 8 hours. 

Make Cookie Dough Chunks:
5 tbsp butter, melted
1/3 cup packed brown sugar
1/4 cup flour
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
3/4 cup semisweet chocolate chips

In a medium sized mixing bowl, stir together the butter and sugar until smooth.  Stir in the flour, then the vanilla and chocolate chips. 
Form the dough into bite sized pieces and place on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.  Once all pieces are rolled out, cover sheet with plastic wrap and place in freezer. 

Once custard base is chilled, churn in ice cream machine according to directions (check on it early - it only took me 20 minutes since it was so thick to begin with).  Fold in cookie dough chunks as you place ice cream into containers to freeze.  

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