Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Slutty Brownies

I love the name of these - it makes me giggle when I tell people about them.  It's just so unexpected that these are widely known and gaining fame with a name like this.  It does cause some eye raising when you say the name Slutty Brownies - they giggle and look at you like whats in it?  Then when you say its a layer of cookie dough, a layer of Oreos and then a layer of Brownies, people get all excited. 

Slutty Brownie = delicious
Seriously, even though the name is funny, these things are amazing.  Kudos to whoever thought this up.  My new favorite treat - extremely easy - and if you don't want to make everything, go the pre-made route and use a roll of refrigerated cookie dough and a box mix of brownies.  You will use half of the cookie dough roll and half of the brownie mix.  Or you could just make a giant batch of these :)  The best bite is when you get one with all 3 in it.  And being that I like things to be awesome, I used Double Stuff Oreo's, that's just how I roll.  Feel free to mix it up with the Oreo part - colored fillings, fudge covered, the options are endless.  Happy Baking!!! I have already gotten requests for these to be made again.

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