Thursday, March 3, 2011

From Utah with love

Last week I got surgery to fix a nerve problem in my right elbow.  I've been home recovering and doing well.  Friday of last week I got the best package ever from my sissy in Utah.  Ok, she's not really related to me, but she might as well be.  We talk everyday through texts and she had spilled the beans earlier that a package was on its way to me.  I was so excited when it came! I never get things in the mail that I actually want....and the box it came in was huge!

I opened it up and was so excited - she had gotten me baking supplies!!

look at all those goodies!
The card was signed by her kids who drew me some nice pics and then a nice note, and part of it made me laugh about her packing the box with the obits part of the paper and feeling kind of bad about it.  But it was full of things I loved.  A new set of oven mits - because I have destroyed the set I have now.  They are all burned on the edges and have so many stains on them.  A tart pan!!  Always wanted one, never bought one - now I can't wait to use it and make something!  A nifty new apron - mine is so stained its not even funny.  And the best part of all - a new cookie bible since mine is slowly dying.  I now no longer have to worry about when the book will finally bite the dust and about getting a new one. 

Thank you so much sissy! You are the best!

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