Thursday, March 31, 2011

Truffle Brownies - take 2

OK - so on my list of things to make perfectly is those Truffle Brownies that I made before.  I had messed up the ganache by not letting it set properly :(  And I knew better, and it was still tasty, but the failure was still haunting me. 

runny ganache
I had a request for these, so I needed to do a trial run before to make sure they were perfect this time.  And I had some fantastic volunteers to be my taste testers.  Away I went baking, and making some small changes to the recipe.  Brownies were baked off and cooling and looked wonderful! Now on to my arch nemesis.  I was going to get this right - there were no questions about it.  I heat up the cream and pour it over the chocolate and let it do its thing.  45 minutes later - great ganache! SOOO HAPPY!!  I pour it over the brownies and toss that bad boy in the fridge.  Then when it was time to go see my lucky taste testers, I cut up the brownies and off I went with my sister. 

Now, bringing treats to boys is always fun - they get excited no matter what it is.  So it's always amusing to see what their reaction will be - and I love the feed back they give me so I happily bring them treats at least once a week now.  Let's just say the reaction was good.

delicious :)
It was really good.  Happy campers all around.

So yes, to all of you in blog land, I did master this one! I didn't let it win - and happily am going to make them again and again knowing that I will make it right :)  It's a good day.

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