Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chocolate Mint Cupcakes

I found this on Savory Sweet Life and I highly recommend it! I made it the other day and my whole family loved it.  Easy and delicous cupcake with Andes Mints in them - who wouldn't like that?  Sign me up.  The batter was really easy to make - and the hardest part (and most tedious) was unwrapping all of those damn mints.  So I fill each cupcake up in the tins and then place a mint in the center

chocolate in chocolate
oh yeah

Then I press gently down on each mint to make sure that the mint is covered by the batter and off they go into the oven to bake.  Take them out and cool them off and then I get going on the frosting. 

Now, I love frosting.  A good frosting is a weakness of mine.  When one of my best friends got married over 6 years ago they had a great cake - with amazing frosting.  We still talk about that frosting to this day.  I'm a fan of the frosting that goes with this cupcake.  Chocolate Mint frosting.  Creamy and fluffy and not too strong in the mint department - personally sometimes I think that can kill a good cake or brownie or whatever it is if the mint is overpowering.  And it made A LOT of frosting, I had some left over.  Of course I had to eat some on it's own :)  I scoop it into a large ziplock bag and cut the corner and pipe away.  Then I had a bowl of chopped up mints waiting for me to top the cupcakes and sprinkled away.

Now, the only poo poo moment in this was when we went to eat them - the mint had fallen to the bottom and kinda stuck the paper liners of each cupcake :(  But they are delicious and no one seemed to mind.  I'm going to work on a way to have that not happen next time I make these - and there will be a next time :)


  1. These were delicious!!

  2. Now this comment is not about the cupcakes, however, the gluten free chocolate birthday cake that made its way into my place of work today was to die for. Great texture and great taste.

  3. Thank you so much Karen! I'm so glad you liked the cake!