Monday, April 25, 2011

Cookie Cake

I love this cake.  It always reminds me of being a kid and Easter....mainly because it's the only time we ever have this dessert.  Besides, who doesn't like a dessert that literally takes minutes to make.  All you need is some cookie wafers and whipped cream - store bought or homemade.  I've made this dessert many times, and it's probably the most simple thing I will ever post on here.  At least that's what I thought yesterday.  Apparently, the baking gods thought I was due for a GIANT meltdown - and let me tell you did I ever have one.  And over something soo simple! Needless to say I was texting my friend Kate all day long....and a giant thanks to you for making me laugh about it during my meltdown. 

So let's start this atrocity at the beginning.  It was very hot and humid yesterday where I live - not good weather for making your own whipped cream.  I got the cream whipping and took out the plate I was going to put the cake on and I got the cookies out.

chocolate wafer cookies
Once the whipped cream was ready.....

yum! fresh whipped cream
.....I got going on assembling the cake.  Normally I make it in 2 rows and it kind of looks like a white frosted log.  This year I wanted to be festive, so I decided to make it in the shape of an egg and decorate it.   Cute, right? 
kind of an egg shape
Once I got it into the shape I wanted, time to frost the top and sides of it. 

naked egg
Now, at this point, you would think that I should see that the whipped cream is starting to melt.  And I do see that.  But all I have left to do is decorate it before I can stick it in the fridge for it to chill.  And a minute later I have this

pretty! kinda
I take the cake to my parents other fridge outside in their garage.  As I get downstairs to put it in the fridge, the back side of the egg falls.  I'm standing there trying to push it back up and it wont stay.  So I let it sag - it still looks alright.  Not too much damage.  I stick it in the fridge and check on it an hour later.  What I found next was not pretty at all. 

im melting
I opened the door to the fridge and couldn't believe my eyes! The cake had melted! IN THE FRIDGE!!  A string of obsanities came flying out of my mouth.  What was I going to do?! I just ruined dessert!  I stuck it in the freezer to hopefully stop all the melting and to try to get it to firm up like it should be. 

I go upstairs, and get a nice glass of wine. 

oooh wine, how you calm me
OK, I had more than 1 glass, I had a good amount :)  At this point, Kate and I are texting back and forth talking about our meltdowns (she had one Saturday) and she said I had to offer one up to the baking gods and its a good thing it was a simple one.  I agreed - it would of really been an ugly scene if it was something hard that I was making.  She got me laughing and at this point it had been an hour of the cake being in the freezer.  I go back downstairs and check on it.  It had firmed up and I was happy as I could be with it, so I stuck it in the fridge so we wouldn't be eating a frozen cake. 

Hours go by and my mom gets going on dinner.  I decided to go check on my cake.  I opened the fridge door and it was like a giant slap across the face!!  Melting - melting like you wouldn't believe it!!  I could feel the baking gods laughing down at me - I mean really - how hard is it to mess this cake up and here I am with a seriously messed cake.  Fate was not on my side today.  And all I could do was stick the cake back in the freezer, go upstairs, have some more wine, and announce to my family and guest that I had the ugliest melted cake in the freezer so don't expect too much from dessert tonight. 

Dinner is over and now it's time for dessert - ugh.  I reminded everyone that it's ugly as sin, and they all turn to me and say I'm sure it tastes great.  I go and get the cake and plop it down on the table because at this point I'm so disgusted with it I don't even really want to look at it, let alone eat it. 

melted, destroyed and ugly
as sin
And because it's so hot and humid, the cake quickly starts to melt even more now.  Whipped cream slowly starts going all over the plate.  Not my best showing on any level at all!  But we cut into it and eat it - still tasty.  I was happy when we were all done and I could stick it on a smaller plate to put away.  And at this point I didn't care what happened to it anymore, so I stuck it back in the fridge.  Who cares if it melts anymore at this point - the poor cake has been through so much at this point already. 

I think it's safe to say that I will never forget this Easter.  Happy for the wine, Kate for making me laugh so hard, and my family for making me feel somewhat reassured that it was just the humidity that killed the cake and it would still taste great!


  1. HAHAHAHA, you're such an endearing overachiever, CB! <3 Happy Easter. I bet it was wonderful.

  2. And, why is it that your posts with a photo of booze in the middle make me grin the hardest? :-D

  3. Lynda - other than my SNAFU of epic proportions, my Easter was great. Lots of wine helped :)
    Hope you had an excellent Easter! Somehow I knew you would love this post :)