Friday, July 22, 2011

Chocolate Truffles

It's too hot to even think about turning my oven on - so why not have an easy no bake recipe for you guys?  Truffles can seem like a daunting thing, but in reality they are extremely easy.  It's good ingredients that make them so good, not the time and effort.  This is the simplest recipe I have ever seen for truffles (I have one where you freeze it like 3 times before you get to the end) and it's been my go-to recipe for years.  It works well in all times of the year, my only suggestion is that if it's hot/humid out that you put it in the fridge to set up - it wont set if you leave it out on the counter to set and it's hot. 

All you need is a couple of things for this - some chocolate, heavy cream, vanilla extract and whatever you want to coat your truffles in.  I prefer dark chocolate candy coating, but rolling them in confectioners sugar or cocoa powder is great too.  It's a personal preference so go crazy with this part.

This is how easy this recipe is.  I buy the chocolate in chips - that way I don't have to waste time chopping it all up into tiny pieces.  I toss the chips in a heatproof bowl and then heat up the cream on the stove until it just boils.  Pour the hot cream over the chocolate and let it melt a little and then start to stir it.  Once it's all smooth, add the vanilla.  Then I pour it into a glass baking dish - don't use a bowl, it will take hours for it to set if you do.

mmm....look at that pretty sight
 You want to use something along the lines of a 13x9 baking dish - much easier.  Let it set for an hour and then comes the fun part of rolling them out.  (If you put it in the fridge to set, let it sit out for 5-10 minutes before you start to roll them out).  The best part of making truffles is that they don't have to be the prettiest things - they can be any size or shape that you want.  You can even fill candy molds with these if you're feeling adventurous.  Once all rolled out, time to coat them in whatever you want. 

all rolled and coated in chocolate
 Then you're done, time to eat. 

I brought some in to my favorite taste testers, and one of them was so exciting.  I have been talking about my truffles with her for a while now and kept promising her some.  I got the biggest hug and I told her to make sure that she got to take some home. 

Chocolate Truffles
about 60 truffles

1/2 pound good bittersweet chocolate
1/2 pound good semisweet chocolate
1 cup heavy cream
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
cocoa powder, confectioners sugar, candy coating to coat truffles in

  1. Chop the chocolate finely with a sharp knife (if you're using chips, pour them into a bowl and you're done).  Place them in a heat-proof mixing bowl.
  2. Heat the cream in a small saucepan until it just boils.  Turn off the heat and all the cream to sit for 20 seconds.  Pour the cream through a fine-meshed sieve into the bowl with chocolate.  Wish a wire whisk, slowly stir the cream and chocolates together until the chocolate is completely melted.  Whisk in the vanilla extract.  Set aside at room temperature for 1 hour.  *If it's too hot - stick it in the fridge to set*
  3. With 2 teaspoons, spoon round balls of the chocolate mixture onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.  Roll each ball of chocolate in your hands to roughly make it round.  Roll in confectioners sugar, cocoa powder - whatever you want to use. 
These will keep refrigerated for weeks, but serve them at room temperature. 

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