Friday, July 15, 2011

Heath Bar Cupcakes

I saw this recipe last month and printed it out and set it aside to make later that week.  A month and a half later I finally got around to it.  I got Heath Bar Cupcakes from My Baking Addiction (where else right?).  The whole site is great - easy short cuts for those of you who aren't fans of baking from scratch all the time - it's a lot of doctored box cake mix recipes - but you could always use your favorite from scratch recipe for the cupcake part - I do it all the time for things. 

The batter comes together real easy, and before you know it they are in and out of the oven.  Then comes the fun part - decorating these things.  I love frostings - especially good ones.  If it's not good frosting on a cake/cupcake, I'm not going to eat it.   Wrong, I know - but I've got high standards of baked goods after all these years. 

i see Heath bits popping out

Once frosted, time for the ganache part.  I'm not a fan of the ganache that she uses - it's the same for the Rolo Cupcakes and it wasn't really a ganache, well it was but I've never seen one with honey in it.  So I decided to use something that I love to kick these bad boys up a notch - use the filling that I use for Chocolate Shortbreads - awesome idea.   It's thicker and better tasting. And it didn't run all over the place - stayed on top of the cupcake :)  Then top it off with some Heath Bar bits and you're good to go. 

After they firmed up in the fridge for a while, off I went to play treat fairy to some of my favorite taste testers.  The look on one of their faces when I went in to give them treats was priceless....she was very excited about them.  I also got to bring some to one of my best friends when I had our monthly dinner with him last night - really the only way we get to see each other, and it's always a good time.  And he likes it because I always bring him treats to try.  Last time I had brought him Cookie Dough Cupcakes and he had devoured it - in like less than a minute.  So we said that we would tape him eating a cupcake next time - but all we got was a photo - I promise a video will be put up of him one day.  But he is a huge fan of these cupcakes....
happy camper
....and kept talking about the cookie dough ones.  So print it out and bake away!! This is an easy cupcake and very delicious :)

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