Monday, October 10, 2011

Apple Cider Doughnuts

We all know that I love the doughnut recipe from my friend at Arubula's Kitchen and I've been dying to try the apple cider version that she had given me.  My parents went away the other weekend and brought me back some fresh apple cider - and it was just calling my name.  I thought I would try baking them instead of frying them this time.....didn't work out so well.  Well, it did and it didn't.  I'm getting ahead of myself here.  But bottom line is, these doughnuts are amazing - and just as addicting as all the other flavors I've tried from her.  She is an evil genius with this recipe.  And I love her to death :) 

glazed goodness
We had talked early in the morning about if baking them off instead of frying them would work.....we weren't sure so I gave it a try.  One time I put them as is on the baking sheet and baked them off.  They puffed up nicely but had a flat bottom.  So the next time I rolled them into balls.  The same thing happened.

Frying it is!! I fried them off - ok and I snacked on some too, how can you not?!  And once all cooled, time to glaze.  Once the glaze was set, time to go deliver some.  I feared that if I kept all of them I would eat them all.  You eat more of these things than you intend to and don't realize it.  I had to get at least half of them out of my house.  Thank god for taste testers :)  They all loved these - and one had never heard of apple cider doughnuts, so he got a great treat when he tried one.

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