Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Butterscotch Cupcakes

A couple of weeks ago it was one of my taste testers birthdays.  And I found out that she had a love of Butterscotch when I brought in some Butterscotch cookies for her.  So I searched and searched for a cake recipe for her.  And I finally found one - there were a lot of doctored cake box recipes, which is great, but that's not what I was looking for....I wanted it all from scratch.  Sometimes when I use a box mix I feel like I've cheated and think I could always do better if I did it all from scratch.  I got the recipe off another blog, and for technical errors I'm going to keep the blog unnamed.  Usually I happily promote other people, but this site was just bad - constant pictures for every step which I found extremely annoying and as something not to do to my own site (I mean who really wants to see a picture of me adding in eggs or pouring in sugar?! This site had pictures like that for everything!)  I printed out the recipe and made some notes along the way with what I wanted to change. 

The cake part turned out awesome!  The frosting however - awful.  Well, not true, it tasted amazing!!  It just didn't hold it's shape.  I iced the 2 layer cake and the frosting just slid off.......I had to keep it in the fridge.  I was almost embarrassed to give it to her because it looked like a hot mess.  She didn't care - and instantly tried some.  I told her to keep it in the fridge and that I will fix that frosting the next time I make it. 

Halloween is next week, so why not some fun festive cupcakes?!  I have fun paper liners and the remaining Butterscotch frosting I had left over was sitting in my freezer, taunting me.  I was going to make cupcakes and fix the frosting.  That was my mission yesterday.  I kept the cake recipe the same since I was happy with it.  Then the frosting.......I had a good idea of how to help it be better, hopefully it would work.  I added some confectioners sugar and some milk and whipped it up.  It held it's shape! I happily frosted each cupcake and put a fun pumpkin candy corn on top of each one. 

as decorative as I got
I couldn't find the supplies for what I really wanted to do, so I went with this.  But I'm still not happy with the frosting.  Still tastes great, I just need to tinker with it a little more.  Once it's ready - I will share :)

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