Monday, February 7, 2011

Aunt Polly's Raisin Cookies

As you can tell, I've been not feeling like myself the past week.  My sisters decided to have a Girls Night Out Saturday night - dinner and drinks.  It was the best night.  Totally snapped me out of my funk and I feel like me again.  So what did I do yesterday, thats right, bake.  And at my parents house, with my favorite oven ever.  Now, when I started this blog I didn't think that anyone would read it.  When I told my mom that I started one, her reply was "Oh Cb, you've really got too much time on your hands".  I said yes I do but you should still read it mom.  Her next reply was "So its like that Julie and Julia thing?"  I laughed and said its like that but Im not going to go through Julia Childs cookbook and make everything, this is about me in the kitchen and my boo boos and triumphs.  I told her to get back to me once she read it and let me know what she thinks.  I never would of imagined that my parents would be my biggest fans of my blog.  My mom loves my posts and especially loves when I post things that I've made in her kitchen.  And my dad had told me that I can blog about him, but if I put a picture of him up on here he would "disown me".  And then he proceeded to ask me all weekend when I was going to make those Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes again.  :) 

So I was really in the mood to make these cookies - the best Raisin Cookies EVER!  I love to eat them warm - soooooo good.  And these cookies are so easy and it makes a ton.  My mom is a fan of having some in the morning with her tea.  It is a great alternative to a regular chocolate chip cookie or an oatmeal raisin cookie.

I get going on the raisins....first you have to boil them in some water for 5 minutes before you can do anything else.

trust me, dont skip this step - it makes
the raisins so juicy and delicious

Once thats done and they are cooled, you get going on the batter.  Kind of easy - its one of those throw everything in a bowl and mix it ones.  Then I get out my trusty cookie scoop - which I love - and scoop away

i love my cookie scoop
and my Silpat pads :)
 And then I take them out of the oven once they are golden brown

nice and warm
I suggest you eat them warm - sooo good.  But they are great fully cooled too.  I usually stick them in the microwave for a couple seconds if they are fully cooled. 

And once I was all done and putting them away in the cookie jar, Heays said that she would like these more if they were chocolate chip cookies.   


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  2. Yes - she gave it to my mom. :) AD emailed me about it earlier.

  3. These were sooo good! Even 2000 miles and a few days later they tasted fresh and amazing. Pre-boiling the raisins really helps all the flavors meld together fabulously. Sweet, spicy, chewy, heavenly. And 10 seconds in the microwave--a fresh from the oven experience. :P

    I'm a fan!