Friday, August 12, 2011

Back in the kitchen!!

I've been out of my brace since Wednesday, and dying to bake.  I was so happy to get my stitches out last week and learn that I only had to be in the brace for another week.  The not so good news is that I still can't feel my pinky finger......I go back for some tests next week :(  With uncertainty hanging in the air all around me, I got into a funk.  I had a couple breakdowns and just let it all out, let all of my questions about my future out into the open - it's a little scary to think that my loss of feeling in my pinky could be permanent.  After a couple of chats with my dear friend Rae, who I can't wait to see when she gets married in November, I started to feel like I had let it all out and it was time to get back to being CB.  So when my cookbooks started to taunt me every time I walked into my kitchen, I knew it was time to try out something easy.  My hand feels pretty good, just really sore and stiff - and my new scar makes it hard to do things that involve my hand since it is super sensitive (my doctor had told me that it was a possibility that the scar would be really sensitive).  So I thought why not make my favorite doughnut recipe?!  Yes - I know you must be sick of reading about me making them - I've only blogged about them a million times.  But if you haven't made them yet, you really should - and shame on you for not checking out my friends site!! I only promote the best people!! So head on over to Arubula's Kitchen and see what all my fuss is about!!

The hardest part of making these bad boys is just frying them.  I mean yes, they are a little time consuming, and the fact that I started to make these at 7 last night didn't help either, but they are soo good! You can't help yourself from eating them once they are out and all nice and warm.  MMMMM....warm doughnuts...happy place :)  AD and UD are coming down today for a visit and this was also part of my making doughnuts since UD had asked for them last time they were down - I always ask them what they would like me to make them when they come for a visit - and I can't wait to go over to my parents later and hang out, have some good conversation, food and drinks with my family. 

Ok - I'm getting side tracked a lot today - sorry.  Back to doughnuts!!  I didn't take a lot of pics this time because I've made them so many times before.  But I did get some finished shots for you guys :)  So once all fried and still a little warm, I rolled those bad boys in some cinnamon sugar.....

why hello
.......seriously - don't those look good?!  I had made some a little larger this time since AD had requested some to be filled with cream - and I took what I had left over in my freezer and let it thaw out and used that for my filling from the last time I made doughnuts. 

I didn't coat the filled ones with cinnamon sugar - just left them naked.  I wasn't too sure how a cinnamon sugar coated cream filled doughnut would taste.....maybe a little too much in the sugar department.   Maybe something to try out next time. 

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