Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mocha Scones

I saw the recipe for these on My Baking Addiction and knew I had to make them.  They aren't a hard, crunchy scone, so I was excited to try it.  I just had to find some sour cream - every store I went to had no dairy due to power outages and running on generators.  Yesterday I finally found some - I went out super early in the morning and did a happy dance when I found out my local grocery store was almost back to full operation and had sour cream....I went straight home and got things going, because let's face it - these look amazing.

finished scone
This recipe is extremely easy - and you get to grate frozen butter.  Don't know why but I always enjoy doing's fun to see how easy it grates.  Before I know it I have my dough all ready and time to pat it out.  Warning - you need A LOT of flour to pat this is extremely sticky.  If think you have enough flour, put a little more down - it sticks to everything. 

before i got it into a square
Once you get it into the shape you want (you can either leave it as a circle or shape it into a rectangle), time to cut away.  I had issues with this part - not the cutting, but getting them to be all even - and then they stuck to the counter so that just made some of them ugly looking.  But time to bake away

some are pretty
some are not so pretty
They bake up nicely and don't puff up so you can put a lot more than 6 on each pan if you want.  Once they turn golden brown, take them out and let them cool.  Once cooled, time for the frosting.  Which is really good. 

clearly I was having issues
when I frosted this one
Heays got home first and had one, and said that they were all hers and that Ween couldn't have any because they were that good.  Then Heays went out and Ween got home and said they were amazing.  When I told her what Heays had said she said that so wasn't fair.  Texts were sent over who was getting more scones.....very funny :) 

So go and make these!! Easy and clearly a hit!  I handed some out to taste testers yesterday as well, but I don't get their feedback until the next time I go in - which is probably going to be tomorrow the way I'm baking this week. 

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