Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes

It's been a week since I've posted - last week just got away from me.  I had another doctors appointment and things are looking good - except for the fact that I still can't feel my pinky finger (and half of my elbow).  I have to go back in a month for some more tests.  Let's just say my car ride home wasn't fun and all I wanted was a hug from someone.  My doctor suggested that I bake more - make lots of bread and try to see if that helps.  So why not get into the kitchen?  :)  My Dad's birthday is this week and over the weekend we were talking about what he wanted for his birthday, cake or cupcakes.  Somehow he talked me into making both for him.  Cake for his birthday, and cupcakes for the weekend.  So you will see my first cake on here this week - not promising that it will be decorated pretty, but it will be damn tasty. 

One of my Dads requests was for the Heath Bar Cupcakes...no problem.  But I didn't want to make them with a box mix again - which meant doctoring up my favorite recipe since it's too thin to hold anything in the middle without it sinking to the bottom.  But I had to test it out before I made his cupcakes for him, and why not make it with some peanut butter cups in the middle?  A true test to see if it would work or not.  Away I went fixing amounts of things and adding things to the recipe.  By the time I was ready to put the batter into the tins, I was pleased with the results, it was definitely thicker and would hold the weight of things.  I scooped out some batter and placed a frozen peanut butter cup in the middle of each cup.......

yum yum
.....and covered the tops with more batter.  Away they went to bake and before I knew it they were done and cooling.  Now comes the fun part of decorating them.  Make my frosting from scratch and get a ganache going as well and unwrap a million little peanut butter cups. 

why hello sugar
I mean yes - these are really sweet, but so good. 

look at how well it held out! still cake
under the peanut butter cup!
Hoping that people would like them, I made a treat run to Heay's for her co-workers.  Everyone loved them.  I'm still tinkering with the batter recipe, not fully satisfied with it yet.  But pleased that they turned out so well on my first try.  For now if you want to make these, follow the recipe from My Baking Addiction for the Rolo Cupcakes and just replace the Rolo's with Peanut Butter Cups. 

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