Friday, September 2, 2011

Chocolate Mint Squares

It's been since Easter since my last baking fail and I was due for one - and this one went down in a blaze of glory.  But shockingly I wasn't upset about this one, I laughed the whole time.  I was flipping through my Chocolate Cookbook and had this recipe marked off.  Who wouldn't like a chocolate cake frosted with peppermint frosting and then a chocolate frosting on top of that?  I was in - even though in the picture they had of the squares you could tell that the cake was dry.  But I thought I would make it the way the recipe calls for the first time (like I do when I make anything for the first time) and make notes along the way to improve upon it. 

It was fairly easy and the cake batter came together quickly.  I did notice however that it was a giant lump of batter - and when i spread it in the pan it didn't spread well at all.  And it was super sticky and I couldn't get it level. After minutes of trying and arguing with the cake, I finally had enough and decided to put it into the oven as it was (it looked like it had little peaks all over it, and some holes as well) figuring that the batter would spread and bake nicely.  15 minutes later when I took it out of the oven I got a rude awakening.  It pretty much stayed exactly the same - except puffier. 

I didn't let it bother me too much since I knew I would be covering it with 2 layers of frosting.  I let it cool and when it was time I got to work on the peppermint frosting.  Easy enough, but my only thought was a tablespoon of mint was way too much, but I put it in because that's what it called for. Over the cake it went and I spread it evenly out and let it set before I put the chocolate one on top of it.  Once all set, I made the chocolate frosting and threw that layer on as well and let the cake set up yet again. 

Enough time had passed and it was time to finally cut into it and try one.  I cut a row and make squares and begin to take the first one out - and that's when I see it.....peppermint frosting.  Peppermint frosting oozing out from the middle layer!  And not just a little - everywhere!

it shouldn't be oozing like that
I quickly put the small square in my mouth and eat it - and I was assaulted by peppermint.  It was all you could taste!  It was so much that it coated my tongue and it was all I could taste for 30 minutes after I ate it.  Gross.  Then I look down at the pan of squares - and the peppermint is oozing squares looked like it caught a nasty disease and that disease was taking over the pan they were in.  And the worst part was that Heays had eaten one somewhere in the middle of all this and she was also assaulted by the peppermint - but I'm pretty sure she did the smart thing and spit hers out into the trash. 

At this point I'm laughing so hard - and as I scoop out the infected squares to throw away all I can smell is peppermint.

sick squares getting tossed
Biohazard style
I wrap them up in 2 layers of tinfoil and toss them into the trash.  The whole time I'm washing the dish all I can think of is how did this recipe EVER get into that cookbook?  And who thought it was a good one?! They clearly used cornstarch or more confectioners sugar to thicken the peppermint frosting and the cake was so dry and had no taste at all - the person who wrote this recipe needs to get checked out.  It should of NEVER gone into any cookbook for people to try and make.  I am totally going to re-do this whole recipe and make it better- better with good cake and a non-oozing frosting that doesn't overwhelm you with peppermint.  And I will post my recipe for my version - clearly I'm not going to post this recipe...I would never post a bad recipe for you guys.   

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