Monday, October 17, 2011

Baking with Baxter

A couple months ago I heard from Baxter and Lynda that they were coming down to my area for a weekend! I was so excited!  Baxter wanted to hang out - and of course bake something with me!! Brought back they days of when we were in massage school together and we all hung out at my apartment.  Finally, they were here! I was so excited for my day of Baxter and Lynda.  I went to go meet them and hang out for a while before we started to bake.  When I got there I was sad to learn that Lynda was sick :(  She ended up staying at home while Bax and I went out to bake.  And did she ever miss some funny stuff. 

We stopped to get some supplies since everyone agreed on Red Velvet Cupcakes.  I knew I needed cream cheese for the frosting and I got some more butter, just incase.  We get back to my apartment and start baking.  And I let Bax wear one of my extra aprons - I always wear one since baking is a messy thing and especially when there's food coloring involved (I've stained a couple of shirts due to no apron while using food coloring).  Aprons on and ready to go we are talking and laughing, having a great time.  Then it's time for the food coloring to be added - and I didn't have any red food coloring left (I had used it all for something and forgot to get more).   What to do?!  I let Bax choose what color to add - blue.  So we added it - and then a little more.  It was so pretty - and bright blue.  Then we added the flour mixture and the color changed - bye bye bright blue.  It went from pretty blue to a camo green.

at this point, we couldn't stop laughing
Trust me, it doesn't look pretty - but it's tasty!  Once all mixed and good to go, time to fill up the cupcake liners.  And then halfway through - I don't know what made me realize it - I saw that we had forgotten the most important part!! We forgot to add the baking soda and white vinegar!!  So we had to take all the filled cupcakes and dump them back into the bowl and then add the baking soda/vinegar mixture to it.  Then time to fill again.  At least we were laughing the whole time.  Off they went into the oven to bake and time to do the dishes....and Bax tasted the batter.

Bax is in my kitchen!
Baking cupcakes with me!
It was an awesome day!
Once they were done and cooled, time to make the frosting.  And why not color the frosting as well?!  Yellow this time.....I scooped it all into a ziplock bag (my pastry gun is no longer stuck closed, just has a gross smell to it and I need to put it through the dishwasher a couple of times and hopefully it will go away so I can use it again) and piped away - Bax wanted me to do this part.  Then came time to eat one! Bax was a very happy camper. 

Baxter's Cupcakes
Bax was going to take most of them home to share with everyone they were staying with, so we got to play treat fairy for my Thursday drop off.  Everyone loved them - I got to show Bax around where I live and some of my favorite places and then sadly had to bring Bax back and go home :(  It was such a great day.  And I will forever call these Baxter's Cupcakes - even if it is a Red Velvet cupcake with different colors in it - and a few small changes to the recipe as always :)


  1. I'm so sad I was sick and missed this!!!!! I'm glad you guys had fun. :-)

  2. We were so sad you were sick and had to miss out!!