Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cookies in the Mail

I sent off a care package full of cookies to my friends that live in Denver.  I was like a little school girl all day yesterday waiting until their mail came so they could dive into the box and eat the cookies.  I was dying to know how they liked them.  I sent a bag of Aunt Polly's Raisin Cookies and Chocolate Thumbprints.  One of them is a HUGE shortbread fan, so I had to make the thumbprints.  The other has had my baking many times thanks to us meeting in school almost 10 years ago (wow thats a long time!)  We were talking and the request came down for cookies and I happily made them some and sent them off on their merry way to Denver.  Praying and hoping that they got there in one piece and still fresh and in good shape.  Then finally, I got my first email from them, saying that they got the package.  And then the fun began.  They were nice enough to take pictures of the whole event - which made me laugh so much.  But I'm only going to share my favorites of their experience. 

Needless to say, the 2 hour time difference was killing me.  So I didn't hear from them until around 6 PM my time.  Waiting all day really sucked.  But once I got the first email from Lynda - the fun really began. 

COOKIES!!! :) 
and all the bags I used
to make sure they got
their in 1 piece

I love getting feedback on my baking from people.  It lets me know what I need to tweak and when to leave a good recipe alone.  And people that know me give me great feedback - and it has helped me out a lot.  One time I made cookies that I thought were alright and I wouldn't make again, but everyone I gave them to said they were amazing and I must make them again! So what do I know?! Now, if you read the post about the thumbprints, Lynda and Baxter were nice enough to leave some very nice comments.....and amusing.  But most of our talking back and forth happened on Facebook and through texting.  They were so happy that I sent them cookies - but 2 kinds?! Forget it!

Baxter has had my baking for years, but it was in the early years of my baking and I mainly stuck to just chocolate chip cookies and brownies and sugar cookies - you know, easy things.  Last year I got to have a great visit with Baxter and another friend of ours and then came the time when I introduced my better level of baking to Baxter.  :)  So Lynda has been hearing all these stories about my baking, so I had to share the goodness with her.  I didn't expect the comments they said at all...but it made me smile and feel loved from so far away.  I think my favorites were from Lynda "OMG, freakishly good. Like, JOIN THE CULT good. I'd drink the Kool-Aid for these cookies. THAT good"

Love with a raisin cookie :)
If you know me in real life, and you know Baxter and Lynda as well, I highly suggest you check out all of the amazing pictures of the cookie arrival on Facebook.  They are too freaking cute together! And my friend Amy is truly jealous that they got a care package of cookies and she got nothing.  Sissy - you know yours is in the works! :)  

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  1. They were Niner tested and Lynda approved (and vice-versa).
    Sorry Amy and Penny. Maybe you'll get some awesomeness soon.

    And I can't believe it's been 10 years!