Friday, February 25, 2011

Pear and Prosciutto Appetizer

I had surgery the other day to fix a nerve issue.  It was a success and I'm back home resting and healing.  I do have some posts saved from me, but I also asked some friends to do a guest post for me.  So I decided to start with this one. This is from one of my favorite people in the world - and not just because I'm related to her.  AD has amazing skills in the kitchen, and one day I hope that she makes her dream of opening her own restaurant come true.  I asked her to do a post for me while I'm out for surgery and she gave me two! I'm so honored that she did this for me.  Love you AD - you are the best :)

Here is a super quick and delicious appetizer.  We were having friends to dinner and one of them happens to be allergic to gluten.  I had to rethink the menu, forget the shrimp bruschetta appetizer. The imported cheeses (sans crackers or pita) wouldn't cut it for our gluten free friend but fresh fruit would be a great alternative as long as there was more to chew on then fruit.  Because our friend is a bit of a carnivore, I figured I could put prosciutto on most anything.  If it's summer, we grill peaches and prosciutto, fall and winter means pears.  Just slice up some ripe bosc or anjou pears drape with thinly sliced prosciutto, drizzle with honey and good olive oil, then sprinkle with fresh crushed black pepper.

so pretty - and tasty :)

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