Sunday, February 13, 2011

A surprise package in the mail

I go to my mailbox yesterday and found a great surprise waiting for me.  A nice envelope from King Arthur Flour.  My first thought was "I must of signed up for something a while ago" but I didn't remember signing up for anything.  I get inside and open it up and this is what I find.

why yes, yes I will
have happy baking
I thought thats a neat way to send a catalogue.  How cute. Then I flip it over and open it up

i do love to bake :)

a gift card!!
oh happy day!
And on the inside of one of the flaps was the sweetest note.  "Thanks Cookie Goddess.  From your #1 fans"
LYNDA AND BAXTER SENT ME A PRESENT!! Just for sending them some cookies! I was floored!  And I immediately texted them to thank them profusely.  I couldn't believe how nice that was of them.  I didn't expect anything in return from them, just wanted to send some cookies to them.  They told me they wanted to support me in my passion and let me bake my heart out.  Well, damn skippy thats what I'm going to do!

I look through the catalogue countless times, making a list trying to help me narrow it down.  I decided against ordering any of their mixes and stick with supplies and fun things that I don't have, like a tart pan.  But my first thing I knew I was going to purchase was something I have blogged about (and I believe is Lynda's favorite post) - yeast.  They have really good yeast and I decided to go all out and get the set of yeast, yeast spoon and an airtight canister.  I thought if I had really good yeast I wouldn't have anymore issues like I did at Thanksgiving. 

I placed my order and can not wait for it to get here!  Thank you once again Bax and Lynda - I'm sure I will be sending you many care packages to thank you for this great gift! :)

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  1. The yeast post was, indeed, my favorite so far!! ;-D It was the mojito bottle picture that pushed it into the number one position. LOL.