Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mini Double Chocolate Eclairs

Since I made Cream Puffs, the next thing on my list was Eclairs.  I learned my lesson last time with the Pastry Cream that I should make it chocolate instead of keeping it vanilla - the chocolate was gone first and the vanilla ones didn't go as fast as the chocolate ones.  I wanted to make a lot of them so I decided to make them minis instead of full size ones.  I mean really, things that are mini are so cute.  I was going out with my sisters to hear a local band that we are friends with and they were the lucky recipients of these amazing treats. 

I'm happy to report that there were no meltdowns with this.  Pastry cream came out awesome, the mini eclair shells puffed up amazingly and the ganache I dipped them in was great.  These are a great treat, they just take a long time to make.  I started at 8 AM and was done around 1.  You can make the pastry cream the day before, but I wasn't thinking and did it all in one day.  But it was well worth it.  They came out amazing. 

so cute when they're little
And of course I had to try one (couldn't give away bad treats)

I couldn't wait to hand these out to the band.  Two of them knew that goodies were coming their way, but the rest of the band didn't.  All were happy campers when they found out.  I even had some packed up for a couple of lucky people not in the band as well.  Gotta take care of taste testers :)

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