Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cadberry Creme Egg Cupcakes

I love when I see things on other blogs and my first thought is "I have to make that" and of course put my own spin on it.  When I saw that Jamie at My Baking Addiction posted about these cupcakes, I knew I had to make them.  I was on the hunt for Mini Creme Eggs - a large bag of them to be exact.  I couldn't find one anywhere.  All I could find was a small tin of 12 - and they were $5 a piece. I wasn't going to shell out $20 for them....thats too much. Knowing that my amazing friend at Lettuce Eat Together had made a homemade version of Creme Eggs recently, I texted her to ask how easy they were to make.  When her reply was the hardest part is the freeze time, I knew I had to make it all from scratch. 

I have to admit before we go on any further, that the Creme Eggs freak me out.  I've never been a fan of them.  I attribute this to when I was 6 and had one waiting for me in my Easter Basket.  I unwrapped it and bit into it, and then it happened.  The creme filling dripped out all over the place and I was not a fan of it at all.  Ever since then I shudder when I see people eating them - and my Mom is a huge fan of them.  The only amusement I get out of them is the commercial they air every year of the different animals trying to be the bunny.  I've stayed far, far away from them.....until now.  I have to admit, making them is extremely easy and I had a ton of fun doing it.  I did, however, make my eggs too large for the cupcakes and they sank to the bottom.  But I was assured that they were still delicious and no one would care.  (This is when my perfectionist thing really kicks in). 

if you do make your own eggs, make them way smaller
than I did :)
But these were so fun to make.  I know I say that a lot, but I guess the fact that these were going to my friend for her family Easter dinner really had me get into it.  If you still need an Easter dessert, this wont disappoint.

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