Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Birthday Cupcakes For Mom

It was my Mom's birthday over the weekend, and according to some unnamed tradition that's been going on for a couple years now, I make the birthday person their favorite cake or cupcake.  My Mom's favorite is yellow cake with chocolate frosting.  I'm still looking for a good recipe that I love as much as my chocolate one.  I found one I thought sounded really good and was excited about trying it out.  Then I found out that AD and UD were coming down for the weekend.  I love when family comes.  We get to catch up, have a good time and many laughs, and of course I always bake something.  When I bring treats over to my parents house when they have guests, things never last long.  So I thought I would make jumbo cupcakes (less eating since they are huge) and toss in some Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies as well (I had actually been craving these again since I made them the first time). 

I made the batter and poured into the jumbo cupcake liners (which I love - Cupcake Creations.  They are popping up everywhere in grocery stores.  Great designs, don't need a cupcake tin to bake them in, amazing quality).  I knew that I had overfilled one or two of them and tried to scoop out as much batter as I could to make it alright.  First cookie sheet went into the oven, and 20 minutes later I had this on my hands.

this cupcake was not a fan of the lovely home I gave it
So one decided to jump ship at some point during baking - lesson learned not to fill up the liners too much and I should of scooped out more than I thought.  The second batch went in and no accidents in that one.  Jumbo cupcakes took over my kitchen counter while they cooled.  Once all cooled, I frosted them. 

this picture doesn't do them justice
to how big they really are
The time to bring them to my parents house came.  My Mom tried one and said she really liked them.  Moist and tasty.  My Dad (whose favorite is chocolate with white frosting) said that he couldn't fairly judge them because 'it's like comparing a Yugo to a Cadillac'  (this statement made me giggle so bad, and the look on his face as he said it was priceless because he was so sincere as he said it I knew that was going to be all he had to say about the cupcakes).  I thought they were alright.  Moist, check.  Flavor - could use some improving.  Not sure if I want to mess with this recipe some more and try it again or move on to another one.  If you have any great yellow cake recipes, please send them my way!!  My need for perfection with my baking is gnawing away at me that I haven't gotten this one right yet.  :( 

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