Thursday, March 22, 2012

untitled cupcake

Growing up I always loved it when my parents bought Sunny Doodle cupcakes at the grocery store.  A delicious yellow pound cake with cream filling.  It didn't happen very often, so I have fond memories of them.  Last week I made and instantly decided that this was going to be my pound cake recipe - it was delicious - moist, full of flavor and I could not for the life of me stop snacking on it.  I knew I had a winner.  This was confirmed by Heay's telling me how good they were and that I should make Sunny Doodles (a favorite of all 3 of ours).  An idea had been given to me just then.  I hadn't thought of Sunny Doodles in forever, but once she said it to me I could see myself making them.  We all know that's a sign of trouble and that I'm going to do it.  Days went by and the idea was still gnawing at me.  I knew I had to do it.  And I really wanted a freaking Sunny Doodle.  I couldn't get them out of my head.....usually when something like this happens I bake it off within a day or two of it occurring to me.  But last week I had a heavy load of baking and need to put it off until this week.  It was torture.  Monday finally rolled around and I got right to it.  Made the Pound Cake cupcakes and let them cool and I had decided to put a pastry cream into them instead of just a whipped cream filling.  Why not take it up a notch?! 

Time to fill them.....debating in my head about whether I should cut a slit and fill them or cut a giant hole, dig some out, fill it and top it.  Since I don't have a cupcake corer yet, and my knife skills are questionable, I went with the slit.  So easy, just cut a little and fill it until you can see a little of the cream popping out the top of the cupcake. 

takes me right back to childhood
It's rare for me to wait to try something until my sisters get home from work unless I was baking later in the day or it takes a while to set up, but for these I waited until after dinner to try one out.  It was awesome.  Not quite like a Sunny Doodle, but really close.  The pastry cream gave it a nice flavor - I was a happy Cb.  Then the debate of a name for them came about.  Names like CB's Doodles and Sunny Creams were tossed around.  I don't know why I'm having such a hard time naming things lately - although I was told by many people that the Cake Balls were a great name and I should keep it.  So for now this has no name, suggestions are gladly welcome :)

To make these, bake the Pound Cake according to the instructions, but bake in cupcake tins for 18-20 minutes or until done.  Let cool completely and then fill with a homemade whipped cream or store bought brand. 

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